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    Liquidation Sale

    My daughter-in-law let me know that a Joann Fabrics store in our area is closing.  They are having a liquidation sale and she and her sister found some great deals.  I drove out there and found some wonderful deals too!!!  All fabric is on sale by the bolt only but at 40 to 75% off it was well w... View Post
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    A Little Help

    A good friend of mine broke his ankle and cannot drive.  He is making some special table runners for a dinner at his church and needed some additional fabric.  Since he cannot drive yet, I offered to take him to Joann Fabrics.  I had fun helping someone else spend their money! While we were at t... View Post
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    Driving At Last

    Finally, I am free to drive and start returning to some normal activities.  I got in my car today and headed right for a Joann Fabrics store (I know...big surprise)! My grandson is visiting this week and we needed to pick up some more of the flame fabric for the quilt we are going to make togeth... View Post
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    More Fabrics

    Thought I'd show the fabrics I bought at Troy on Sunday. This beautiful Dragonfly fabric has a rich blue background and a touch of metallic gold on the maroon, green, brown, and blue dragonflies. My sister and I shared a bolt of this same print on a tan background from a previous shopping trip.... View Post
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    Quilts for Kids

    Quilts for Kids is a terrific organization.  I have talked about them in other posts and I'm sure I'll mention them again!!  I believe in what they do and help as much as I can each year.  They are the group that will send you a kit to make a small quilt.  You make the quilt, (you are welcome an... View Post
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    JoAnn Fabrics

    Have you been to JoAnn Fabrics lately?  I had not been there for awhile since things have been so hectic around here but I did have a chance to stop in today.  I was shocked!!! The entire store has been reconfigured.  They are carrying some new/different items but most noticeable was the new des... View Post
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    Quilters' Travel Companion

    Years ago when my daughter lived in Texas and then Washington, I bought a book called the Quilters' Travel Companion.  This book listed quilt shops all over the country.  It gave descriptions, maps directions, addresses and phone numbers.  When I flew to visit my daughter in Texas, I took the bo... View Post
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    Price of Cotton

    There has been an awful lot of talk lately about the price of cotton skyrocketing.  I don't like it anymore than anyone else does.  Everything is going up except my paycheck.  I work in Illinois so our income tax just soared and my take-home pay dropped.  When you look at the big picture though,... View Post