Quilts for Kids

Quilts for Kids is a terrific organization.  I have talked about them in other posts and I'm sure I'll mention them again!!  I believe in what they do and help as much as I can each year.  They are the group that will send you a kit to make a small quilt.  You make the quilt, (you are welcome and encouraged to include one or more of your own quilts too!!!)  mail it back to them and they give it to a child in a hospital in the United States who is suffering from a life threatening illness. We all know how quilts can comfort us,  imagine how a quilt can comfort a sick child.

Today,  I went shopping at the sale at Troy Fabrics.  I wasn't going to go because my quilting buddies were unable to go (maybe I was pouting....just a little) and I really do not like driving in city traffic!!! I decided to go by myself and am very glad I did.  Not only did I get some great fabrics, I saw - and spoke with - some of my quilting clients, met a couple of new people, was warmly greeted by the people that work there, helped two quilters find fabric they needed to finish projects and met the Director of the Illinois Chapter of Quilts for Kids!!!

I have to admit, I didn't know there was an Illinois Chapter!!!  I was very glad to find this out and to find out I may be able to help even more.  Bob (Robert Urquhart) was very friendly and enthusiastic about the organization.  We spoke for quite awhile and discussed several ideas about how to work for Quilts for Kids. (I hope I can become a pick-up/drop-off site for the kits and quilts.) I also learned that Bob will be Nancy's guest on "Sewing With Nancy" when the new season begins in August!!!

If you cannot help by making the quilts, you may want to consider making a monetary donation or a donation of fabric.   As with any project of this magnitude...every little bit helps. I encourage you to contact Bob at www.quiltsforkidsillinois.org. 

Happy Quilting,