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    Recycle for the Birds

    Last year on April second, I talked about using threads and scraps to help the birds. I am a pretty frugal quilter and use up every bit of fabric and thread that I can.  I love to make scrap quilts and not only use my own scraps but several of my quilter friends save their scraps for me!!! I can... View Post
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    Buchanan Scarecrows

    These are a few of this year's Buchanan Scarecrows!!!  They seem to get better each year.  These scarecrows are a town project in Buchanan, Michigan.  Each fall, scarecrows decorate the entire town.  The scarecrows are made by members of the Buchanan Art Center.  From what I understand, busines... View Post
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    For the Birds

    When I woke up this morning, I heard birds chirping (a sure sign of spring).  There were even a couple of Robins flying around the yard darting in and out of the trees. The yard had dried out a little so I decided to fill my bird feeder and hang out the wire basket of "nesting materials". I took... View Post
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    Weaver's Delight

    I can't stand to waste or throw anything away.  I like to find ways to use every bit of something!  Maybe that's what got me interested in quilting in the first place.  My first quilt was made with scraps of fabric from sewing projects.  When I have scraps that cannot be used for scrap quilts I ... View Post
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    Price of Cotton

    There has been an awful lot of talk lately about the price of cotton skyrocketing.  I don't like it anymore than anyone else does.  Everything is going up except my paycheck.  I work in Illinois so our income tax just soared and my take-home pay dropped.  When you look at the big picture though,... View Post
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    This Is For The Birds

    Most quilters seem to be very frugal people.  That makes sense because the whole idea of making quilts was born from recycling worn out clothing.  Reusing the usable pieces to make much needed "blankets". Now days we often have the advantage of being able to buy fabric to make our quilts with. ... View Post
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    The scarecrows from "One Man's Trash" are coming along nicely.  I was in Michigan again  today and had the opportunity to visit the Buchanan Scarecrows.  They are absolutely phenomenal!  I brought some more batting scraps and was allowed in the workshop to see these works of art.  I saw scarecro... View Post
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    "One Man's Trash..."

    Many of us live by the old adage, "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure".  We shop at garage sales, attend auctions, collect antiques, use hand-me-downs and donate to resale shops.  As quilters, we save our scraps for scrap quilts, string quilts, charm quilts and crazy quilts.  I absolutely... View Post