A Little Help

A good friend of mine broke his ankle and cannot drive.  He is making some special table runners for a dinner at his church and needed some additional fabric.  Since he cannot drive yet, I offered to take him to Joann Fabrics.  I had fun helping someone else spend their money!

While we were at the cutting counter waiting for his  fabric to be cut, I saw a young woman standing at the end of the counter with a pile of fabric and a confused look on her face.  I try not to butt in but sometimes I just can't help myself!!! I asked what she was planning to make and, low and behold, she was planning a quilt. She had some questions about her pattern and fabric choices and said she was happy I stopped to speak with her. 

I was able to answer her questions, give my humble opinion, and find two fabrics that complimented her other choices and made her very happy.

I love seeing young people becoming quilters and I am always happy to be able to help even if only a little.  I enjoy everything that has anything to do with quilting---even just talking about it!!!

Happy Quilting,