I opened my mail and saw the newest edition of Keepsake Quilting!  I got a fresh cup of coffee and sat down to browse through this catalog.  Their catalogs are always filled with treasures and great ideas for new projects. 

It didn't take long for me to begin filling out an order form.  I found a great shirt that I just have to have.  My husband says I need to get this shirt and wear it when I go fabric shopping!!! You can see this shirt on page 125 of the Spring 2011 Keepsake Quilting catalog.  It is called Avalanche!  This 100% cotton T-shirt has red ¾ inch sleeves and a white body.  The front shows an opened closet which spilled out and buried the poor quilter under her stash!!! You can see her feet sticking straight up out of the pile.   There is a caption which reads "Blissfully buried in fabric".   I love it!

Happy Quilting,