JoAnn Fabrics

Have you been to JoAnn Fabrics lately?  I had not been there for awhile since things have been so hectic around here but I did have a chance to stop in today.  I was shocked!!! The entire store has been reconfigured.  They are carrying some new/different items but most noticeable was the new design and layout of the store.  Although I don't know where things are yet, I love the openness and ease of moving through the store.  I wonder if all of the JoAnn's stores have been redone.

They are having a Grand Re-opening sale next weekend!!!  I will be there as I can't pass up a good bargain. In fact, I was able to get some fantastic bargains today.  They were having a good sale, I had coupons and clearance items (if their price ended with 97) were 50% off (yes, another 50% off of the clearance price)!!! 

I know I keep telling you how much I love using OttLites.  They make seeing things clearer, easier and reduce eyestrain while working for a long time.  They had OttLites on sale for 50% off, which is a great deal, but they also had a few styles on clearance sale!!!  After using my coupon, I was able to get a couple of OttLite floor lamps for $17.95 with the bulbs included!!!!!

The YuDu screen printing machine was on clearance sale for $99.97.  The half off of clearance sale made it $49.98 and when I used my coupon I was able to get it for $40.00!!!  My daughter and grandson are visiting for most of the summer and this will be a great thing for my grandson and I to work with together!!!

I also picked up some ink, yarn and a couple of odds and ends.

You may want to check the JoAnn's near you and see if they have had a make-over too!!!

Happy Quilting,