Quilters' Travel Companion

Years ago when my daughter lived in Texas and then Washington, I bought a book called the Quilters' Travel Companion.  This book listed quilt shops all over the country.  It gave descriptions, maps directions, addresses and phone numbers. 

When I flew to visit my daughter in Texas, I took the book with me and found quilt shops near her home and visited as many as I could.  It was a great way to find shops, gather new fabric and meet really great people.

One summer I drove to Washington State and home again.  I took this book with me and stopped at quilt shops along the way.  You can walk into a quilt shop almost anywhere and find friendly people to talk to.  Quilters are some of the best people I know. No matter where I stopped, people were friendly, willing to share their projects and eager to talk.....not to mention the wonderful fabrics I acquired along the way.

Since my daughter and grandson moved closer to home I don't travel much and haven't had one of these books in a few years.  Well....I bought the new edition (11th edition  2010-2012) and think it's awesome.  Even though I am not much of a traveler,  I found a bunch of quilt shops I will be visiting.  I even found a quilt shop a couple of miles from my daughter's house and couple near my sister's home!!!

It doesn't matter  if you are planning an extensive trip or  not going to travel at all, this book is very interesting to read.  It not only has information about the quilt shops all over the country but also lists quilt shows all over the country.

Happy Quilting,