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    Quick Weight Loss

    Well, I wanted to loose a few more pounds but I had hoped to exercise and eat less.  Instead, I got the dreaded flu!!! Yes, I lost eight pounds (and yes, I know that as soon as I can eat again they'll come back.  Let me have my moment.)  and slept a lot. While I was sick and feeling a little bit... View Post
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    Coffee Lover's Fabric

    I am a coffee lover!!!  When I was a young child I began drinking coffee although at that time it was really milk and sugar with a little coffee in it!!!  I remember feeling very grown-up when I got to drink a cup of my special coffee as my mother and father were drinking their cups of coffee. I... View Post
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    Quilts Plus

    Yesterday was a long and wonderful day.  I went with my daughter and grandson to look at houses.  After house-hunting last week, she scheduled appointments to look at the houses today.  We looked at several good houses and found the perfect house which includes a huge fenced-in back yard with a ... View Post
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    More Fabrics

    Thought I'd show the fabrics I bought at Troy on Sunday. This beautiful Dragonfly fabric has a rich blue background and a touch of metallic gold on the maroon, green, brown, and blue dragonflies. My sister and I shared a bolt of this same print on a tan background from a previous shopping trip.... View Post
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    We had a whirlwind weekend.  Friday evening my husband and I drove to O'Hare International Airport and picked up a guest visiting from Australia.  He came to the United States to attend the Drupal Conference in Chicago and would stay with us until Monday when the conference began.  Later that ni... View Post
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    Shopping Fun

    What a rough week.  School, union meetings, negotiations, and parent/teacher conferences with 28 sets of parents, students falling ill, teachers falling ill, a friend having surgery and trying to keep up with all of the "at home" responsibilities too.  I can't think of a better way to battle the... View Post
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    Saved From a Flood

    A quilting friend called me in a panic.  They had a plumbing problem in their basement and a good portion of her fabric stash ( about 14 full bolts and 2 rubber tubs full ) got wet.  The basement had a few inches of water in it but it was clean water.  She was afraid her fabric was destroyed and... View Post