Making a List

How many of you are all finished with your holiday preparations including shopping and giftwrapping?

I am not!!!  I do think I'm a little ahead of where I usually am at this time though. I have my lists made.  I have several lists.  I have a list for quiltiing, one for school, one for Christmas Day, one for the big family celebration and one for general things that need to get done....and yes I will be checking them twice!

I have a couple of quilts to finish before Christmas and would love to have enough time to get a couple of my own projects quilted, at least by the new year.

We get a live tree every year and I am waiting for my grandson to get here this weekend so he can do the tree with me.  I have some more shopping to do but oddly enough, I like the tradition my friend and I have of shopping to find the last of what we need and stopping for coffee on our way.

I am ready, though, for the school party on Friday.  Second graders are so excited about Christmas and the wonderment of the season.  Their enthusiasm brings me joy and reminds me how lucky I am to be able to do what I love.   We have been making decorations and gifts for loved ones.  Creating Christmas cards and chalk drawings and learning about holiday traditions from around the world. 

Happy Quilting,