How it all began...

sewing machine

Laurel has been a crafter all her life.  She began sewing at age six, when her big sister got married, moved away, and began working at the Simplicity pattern company.  By 1998, her quilting habit had grown to fill half the basement of her adult home, and she bought her first long-arm quilting machine.  Laurel began quilting for others to pay for the machine, and soon became popular with local and far-flung quilters alike.

In 2008, Laurel's daughter Susan was getting back on her feet after a divorce, having moved her young son cross-country to start anew.  Susan's money was tight, but she wanted to give her mother a good birthday gift anyway.  Susan had wanted for years to get her mom more comfortable with technology, and she saw her opportunity...she built her mom a quilt blog!  Trying to think of a name for this endeavor, Susan recalled years of trying to get her mother to, well, do anything but quilt:

"I need to bind one more quilt, then we can go..."

"I'll go to bed, I just need to get one more quilt on the machine first..."

"I can get one more quilt in before summer break is over..."

So, Susan titled the blog "One More Quilt" in honor of all those years of quilt addiction.

In 2021, having retired from 40 years in elementary education, Laurel launched the One More Quilt online shop, with her in-person studio location to open soon (pandemic, zombies, and weather permitting).