Great Shirt

While fabric shopping with my sister today, I got a glimpse of this shirt as a woman walked by.  All I said to the woman was "Please stop and turn this way."  She stopped, turned and opened her jacket so I could see her shirt.  Funny how she knew what I wanted!!!

My sister may have thought I was a little crazy when I asked if I could take a picture to share with you.....but I thought it was a great shirt.


We were both glad this woman stopped and talked to us.  As we chatted, we found out that she knew the town we grew up in.  We also learned that her usual Long-arm Quilter had some major surgery and will be unable to quilt for awhile so I may be able to help her out a bit.

I love meeting people while shopping for fabrics.  Every person and every project has a story.  Sometimes, like today, people bring projects to show and tell.  I truly enjoy the day, the sharing, the shopping, spending time with my sister, and of course the trunkload of new fabric treasures that follow me home.

Happy Quilting,