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    Shopping Fun

    A friend and I decided to run out for a little fabric shopping.  Neither one of us really needed anything so of course we found a lot that we just couldn't live without!! I found these awesome robots and couldn't pass them up.  My grandson loves robots and since they will be moving into a new h... View Post
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    Nine Patch

    Another of my friends lost her sister. She kindly brought a couple of boxes of fabric to me that her sister had left behind. I cherish the treasures I inherent from others and try to put them to good use as I believe they would want. While I was going through the boxes, I found a WIP (Work In Pr... View Post
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you have a wonderful day full of food, family, friends and fun. I love Thanksgiving. I like the fact that we celebrate this holiday by gathering with family and friends and being thankful for everything meaningful. This evening, after the effect of the turkey wears o... View Post
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    Fresh, New, Quilter

    I love meeting fresh, new, quilters! Everything is so exciting to them and it renews excitement in me.  New quilters are interested in everything I have to share with them and they haven't heard all of my stories so I have fun telling them again.  New quilters are amazed with all of the tools, n... View Post
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    Flower Baskets

    I had the opportunity to quilt this beautiful Flower Basket Quilt for a friend. When her sister passed away she found this quilt top that she had made. The baskets are pieced from a pink floral print on a white-on-white background. I had a perfect subtle print to use for  the backing and the bi... View Post
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    Missing Quilter

    A quilter friend of mine is going to make a signature quilt for his church's anniversary celebration.  He is currently in a rehabilitation center after a recent surgery.  Since my recent illness, I know what it is like to be recovering from surgery.  When he told me about his project and voiced ... View Post
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    Two Trips

    A friend of mine made two Trip Around the World quilts. She made a blue one for her son and a pink one for her daughter.  The Trip Around the World pattern was a perfect choice for these two quilts.  Her son is in the Navy and is stationed in Washington but, of course, travels also.  Her daughte... View Post
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    Care Package

    I found out today that one of my quilters and her husband have both been ill, were both hospitalized (she had surgery), and are both home but still recovering.  I don't like when anyone is sick at all but I am especially sorry that they have not been feeling well during this holiday season. Dee ... View Post