Missing Quilter

A quilter friend of mine is going to make a signature quilt for his church's anniversary celebration.  He is currently in a rehabilitation center after a recent surgery.  Since my recent illness, I know what it is like to be recovering from surgery.  When he told me about his project and voiced concern that he wasn't going to be able to cut the pieces in time for the celebration, I offered to cut the pieces he needed using my AccuQuilt machine.

After cutting the 200 3½ x 6½ pieces, I got in my car and set off to deliver them to my friend.  When he left the hospital, he told me he was going to the same rehab center he was at before.  When I arrived, I went to the front desk to check in.  The receptionist told me he wasn't there any more. She said he went home almost two weeks ago!  I said that was not possible.  I had spoken with him the night before and he was still there.  She checked with another person who agreed he had gone home almost two weeks before!

I tried calling his room and got a busy signal.  I tried calling his cell phone and it went immediatly to voicemail.  I tried both phones several times with the same results.  I had no choice but to get in my car and head home.  I tried calling both phones from the car on my way home.....still no connection.  I knew that eventually, the missing quilter would call to ask why I hadn't delivered the quilt pieces to him as expected.

That evening when he called and I told him what had happened, he laughed and said he wasn't there.....he was at the other place he had been before!!!  He wasn't missing..... I had gone to the wrong place!  It turned out that the rehab center I had visited had another patient by the same name, who had, in fact, gone home almost two weeks before. 

Next time I will make sure I have accurate information before leaving the house.

Today, I visited my friend at the rehab center he is actually in and delivered the quilt pieces!  He was happy to have them and I was happy to know he wasn't missing!!!

Happy Quilting,