Pink Ribbons

This is the finished quilt for my dear friend Patti.


I brought it to her today and she was thrilled with it.  She loved the fact that friends wrote their well wishes on the ribbons of the quilt.

All of the pink parts on the quilt, (the ribbons, sashings and border) were created from a beautiful pink fabric with a little bit of sparkle.  The white sections of the quilt, (the blocks and the borders) were created from the perfect white-on-white I found that has white cancer ribbons printed on the white fabric.

The pink ribbons (approximately 5" x 8") are each appliqued on a 10" x 10" square of the white-on-white fabric.  I added a 1" pink sashing to frame all of the ribbon blocks.  After that, I added three borders.  The first border is 2½" wide and made from the white-on-white fabric.  The next border is 3" wide and cut from the pink fabric.  The outer border is from the white-on-white fabric and measures 4½" wide.  The quilt ended up measuring 66" x 77" which I think is a great size for snuggling.

Finally, the backing of the quilt was made from a terrific pink fabric printed with tiny white circles.

I quilted this quilt in an overall design of wandering loops.  I quilted a close design so it will hold up to lots of use and several washings, if needed.

I hope this quilt will provide warmth and comfort to my friend whether she is undergoing a chemotherapy treatment or snuggling on the couch while relaxing and watching a movie.

Happy Quilting,