Laurel OttLite

For some time, I have been singing the praises of the OttLite!!  I have told you how much I love them and you know I have several.  I even carry the small OttLite flip light in my purse!!!

My friend Cynthia called to tell me OttLite had a new stylelight out.  She said they must have heard how much I like their lights because they named one after me!!! LOL  She said they were on sale at JoAnn'

I checked out the sale and, of course, had to order!!!  The Laurel lamps are very pretty!!! The sale (on-line only) included a table lamp and a floor model for one low price.

Yes, I know they didn't really name their light after me, but I just had to have them anyway!!! I like the fact that I will have some Laurel lamps to help me see what I'm doing.  As I get a little bit older, I seem to need more and more light to work comfortably and OttLites have been the perfect solution to my problems.  They allow me to easily see what I am doing with little or no eye strain.

Happy Quilting,