Fresh, New, Quilter

I love meeting fresh, new, quilters! Everything is so exciting to them and it renews excitement in me.  New quilters are interested in everything I have to share with them and they haven't heard all of my stories so I have fun telling them again.  New quilters are amazed with all of the tools, notions and gadgets I show them and when they see what all of these treasures can do, the look on their face is priceless.

One of our new staff members at school heard me saying something about quilting and asked if it would be OK for her to ask me a question about quilting!  I told her it was way more than OK.  I love talking about quilting any chance I get.  She wasn't sure I'd want to discuss quilting with her because she was a newbie beginning her first quilt.  Little did she know, newbies are one of my favorite things!

She is making this first project for a grandchild that's on the way. This is awesome!  I am glad that I have been able to give her a pointer or two along the way to make the process easier for her.  The quilt is turning out beautifully and she is already planning her next quilt!  A quilter is born.

Happy Quilting,