Care Package

I found out today that one of my quilters and her husband have both been ill, were both hospitalized (she had surgery), and are both home but still recovering.  I don't like when anyone is sick at all but I am especially sorry that they have not been feeling well during this holiday season.

Dee called me today to let me know that a friend of hers will be coming tomorrow to pick up her finished quilts for her.  I hope the quilts will help her feel a little bit better.

She  does all of her piecing by hand and loves to make scrappy quilts.  She is looking for some additional fabrics and isn't going to be shopping for a bit.  I got some ½ yard cuts of fabric together for her in various prints and colors.  I hope she can use these in the quilt she is currently working on and if not,  she can still enjoy it and begin to plan her next project! 

I truly believe that quilting is very theraputic and I know working on her project will help her recovery.

Happy Quilting,