Shopping Fun

A friend and I decided to run out for a little fabric shopping.  Neither one of us really needed anything so of course we found a lot that we just couldn't live without!!

Robot Fabrics

I found these awesome robots and couldn't pass them up.  My grandson loves robots and since they will be moving into a new home soon, I thought he would like a new quilt and maybe some curtains for his new bedroom.

Fish Fabrics

The colorful fish, yellow/orange/cream print and the multicolored squiggles will make some fun and colorful children's quilts.

Pink and Brown FabricOrange and Green Fabrics

The brown with the scribbly pink circles matches the pink/brown/purple print perfectly.  The orange/brown/red print and the green/brown/blue print of this collection don't have any matches yet but they will soon.  Whatever I find to go with them, I know they will make a happy addition to any quilting project.

Watermark Fabrics

I was very happy to find the pink, brownish green and blue watermark collection.  These fillers can be used almost anywhere and will disappear quickly.

Black, Grey, and White Fabrics

The teal collection is as follows from top to bottom: black with teal, white with black, teal with white and white with teal.  I'm not yet sure if I will use them alone or add solid black, teal and/or white. The final decision will be made after deciding on exactly which quilt pattern I will be using.

Fabric 1Fabrics 2 and 3

The fabrics above have identical colors. I think the top one looks like the lines are vibrating! The colors vary on each section of the fabric so many pieces could be cut looking like they came from different fabrics!

The wide stripes could be cut into strips and used as pieces in a Log Cabin design or any strip quilting.  The result, again, could look like several different fabrics were used to create the project! Adding some solids, fine prints or muted colors could have a stunning affect.

Blue Fabrics 1 and 2Blue Fabrics 3 and 4

I love these blues and they were just screaming to come home with me. They are now in my stash and can't wait to be used in the perfect quilt!

I also bought one white-on-white and two cream-on-cream prints as I use them often.

Now to finish planning, cutting, sewing, quilting and binding.

Let the fun begin (actually continue)!

Happy Quilting,