A Different Signature Quilt

A dear friend, neighbor, co-worker is battling breast cancer.  She is a fighter and is doing her best to beat this awful intruder but we all know it is a difficult battle.

I am going to make a special quilt for  her.  My other friends and co-workers are helping me.  I cut out pink ribbons with my Accuquilt machine.  I found a great pink sparkle fabric for the ribbons and sashings.  After being signed with our hopes, prayers and best wishes, the ribbons will be appliqued to the white background fabric.  The background is a tone-on-tone fabric printed with cancer ribbons.

We hope our friend will bring this quilt with her when she goes for her treatments and that it will bring her warmth and  comfort.  We would all like to go with her ourselves but it would get a little crowded!!!

Happy Quilting,