Nine Patch

Another of my friends lost her sister. She kindly brought a couple of boxes of fabric to me that her sister had left behind. I cherish the treasures I inherent from others and try to put them to good use as I believe they would want.

While I was going through the boxes, I found a WIP (Work In Progress)!!! Her sister had started to make a 9-Patch Quilt.  She had cut a lot of 3½" squares and many were already matched up for the blocks.  She had also already pieced some 9-Patch Blocks so I continued to sew the fabrics together as she had matched them up.  I ended up with thirty, 9", 9-Patch blocks and a bunch of leftover squares.

I assembled the 9-Patch Blocks in five rows of six blocks each. I sewed a 3" frame around the assembled 9-Patch Blocks then made a border with the leftover squares and finished with a plain outer border.

I used a neutral backing and quilted with a sturdy over-all pattern. I attached a label and this keepsake was complete.

It gave me great pleasure to present this finished quilt to my friend this weekend. I hope it brings warmth and comfort to her as she cuddles up and enjoys memories of her sister.

Happy Quilting,