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    Change Those Needles

    I try, but don't always practice what I preach!!! I realized this as I was catching up on some quilting today. My needle was catching on the fabric and I realized that I hadn't changed my needle in some time. I am lucky in that I do not often break needles but that means I have to pay attention ... View Post
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    Batting Seam Tape

    In this day and age, most people are trying to figure out ways to make each dollar go further.  The economy affects all of us and it's nice to see some more products being introduced to help us be more frugal. It's not always easy to use all of the pieces of batting we have left over from smalle... View Post
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    Magic Washers

    These are amazing!!!! First, let me confess, I am " one of those people ".  I am one of those people who likes tools, gadgets, notions and accessories.  I'll try almost anything and, yes,  have even been disappointed by a few of the gimmicks that I've purchased. These little things are definite... View Post
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    Rotary Blades

    My husband and I went out for breakfast this morning then did a little shopping st the stores on "Man Street".  Man street is what we call the street that has Tractor Supply, Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Hooters and Harbor Freight ---- all on one street!!! One of our stops was at Harbor Freight. ... View Post
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    Pocket Sized

    Some time ago, my daughter got me interested in using Moleskin notebooks.  I love office/school supplies and appreciate the quality of Moleskin.  They are thread bound and contain acid free paper. Imagine my delight when I found this pocket size set of expandable pocket folders!!!  There are si... View Post
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    Man Street

    My husband and I sometimes like to go out for breakfast and then we go for a nice ride.  We will even stop and do some shopping if he can convince me to go to "Man Street".  That's what he has nicknamed the street in a nearby town because that one street has so many of his favorite stores.  Mena... View Post
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    Graph Paper?

    Graph paper is one of my favorite quilting tools.  I like to sketch quilt designs on graph paper rather than plain paper because it's easier for me to make the pieces fit!  Sometimes I just sketch with a pencil.  If I want to see how colors work together I use colored pencils to color the design... View Post
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    Play Date/Design Wall

    I did not have school today!  Most schools have no school on Monday for Presidents' Day.  My school celebrated Lincoln's Birthday today instead,  afterall, this is the Land of Lincoln!  I did have a great day.  One of my sisters came over to "play".  We worked on a crochet project she wanted to ... View Post