Pocket Sized

Some time ago, my daughter got me interested in using Moleskin notebooks.  I love office/school supplies and appreciate the quality of Moleskin.  They are thread bound and contain acid free paper.

Notebook and Pen

Imagine my delight when I found this pocket size set of expandable pocket folders!!!  There are six cardboard and fabric pockets inside and uses an elastic closure to keep the contents save.


I bought one of these little gems and am thinking I should have gotten a few more.  This would be the perfect tool for quilt planning and shopping.  There are six separate pockets so you could plan for six quilt projects.  If you put a swatch of the fabrics for a quilt in one of the  pockets and keep this folder in your purse or car.....you would have it with you when you go shopping.  This would make it easy to match thread or choose coordinating fabrics for your quilt top or backing.  You could even carry a copy or sketch of the quilt pattern.

I also think it would be a great idea to organize your coupons, gift cards, punch cards, store preferred customer cards, special offers, and discount cards in another one of these pocket folder notebooks!!!  The possibilities are endless.


I decided to personalize my notebook a little bit by putting one of my OneMoreQuilt stickers on the front.  I also put one of my return address labels on the inside in case I absentmindedly leave it somewhere during the excited frenzy of fabric shopping!! At least I'll have a chance of it, and my precious fabric swatches, being returned to me!

Happy Quilting,