Man Street

My husband and I sometimes like to go out for breakfast and then we go for a nice ride.  We will even stop and do some shopping if he can convince me to go to "Man Street".  That's what he has nicknamed the street in a nearby town because that one street has so many of his favorite stores.  Menards, Lowes,  Home Depot, Hooters, Harbor Freight, Tractor Supply, Sears Hardware and the John Deere dealer are all within a couple of miles on one street.

My husband says he does not like to shop.  Getting him to buy a pair of shoes or some new clothes is like pulling teeth.  Grocery shopping is out of the question for him but take him to "Man Street" and he can shop for hours.

This time, while we were at Harbor Freight, I was wandering around and I found a few things on sale that I needed to add to  my quilt studio!  They were having one of their great sales so I picked up a couple different sizes of telescoping magnets (great for picking up dropped pins), a new magnetic parts tray (works great as a magnetic pin-cushion), a set of tweezers (for removing lint from sewing machines), a package of shop rags (many uses for these), a small tool bag (to hold rotary cutters, scissors etc.)  Then I found them.....they have rotary cutting blades!!!!  They call them carpet cutter replacement blades but they fit a 45mm rotary cutter and cost right around $2.00 for a package of two!!!

I just started using them so I can't tell you how long they will last compared to the rotary cutting blades intended for cutting quilt fabric but for the price, I was willing to try them.

Now I'm looking forward to our next shopping trip to "Man Street".  I wonder what bargains I will find next time.

Happy Quilting,