Change Those Needles

I try, but don't always practice what I preach!!! I realized this as I was catching up on some quilting today. My needle was catching on the fabric and I realized that I hadn't changed my needle in some time. I am lucky in that I do not often break needles but that means I have to pay attention to how long my needles are in my machines.

OK, I changed the needles in each of the machines that I use regularly. Maybe I'll be able to remember that I changed my needles at the end of the month.

I guess I have a hard time changing needles if they're not broken because I believe in avoiding waste. I like to use things as long as possible and reuse/recycle after that! I do realize that a fresh needle gives better results. I just have to get in a routine of changing needles whether I think they're used up or not!!!

Try'll like it!!! Change your needles, you'll love the results.

Happy Quilting,