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    Hospital Window Quilt

    Wow!!!  This has been a whirlwind  year so far.  Last week I had further complications which landed me back in the hospital for another surgery. I had a very nice hospital rooms go.....with lots of windows.  I'm a country girl so the view of the city was not what I'm used to!!!  One ... View Post
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    Family Reunion Quilt

    These ladies brought this remarkable quilt for me to work on.  It is a signature quilt that has been taken to their family's reunions each year and signed by the family members in attendance.  The detail is difficult to see in the picture but the quilt turned out great!!! The green strip at the... View Post
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    Casino Quilt

    This is the project my sister Carol and I worked on together.  I couldn't show it to you at first because it was a surprise for our sister Susan. Susan  worked for Simplicity Patterns for 38 years.  When they moved the plant, she found herself without a job.  That was certainly a bump in the ro... View Post
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    Quilting Calms Me

    A friend of mine called about a sale at a teachers' supply store.  We decided to go today ( and you thought teachers were off all summer!!!!  while in reality we are busy shopping and planning for next year ) and since my grandson is still visiting we brought him with us.  He loves to help me sp... View Post
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    Cool Quilt

    The weather has been terribly hot lately.  I have been having trouble with the heat.  I try to get some work done outdoors when the weather is cool but with the temperature creeping up past 90° I tend to hide out in the air conditioning and work on quilts. This quilt was fun to work on and I th... View Post
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    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day.  Whether you are a mother, have a mother, give or take motherly advice or remember the wonderful things your mother did for you.....I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I also hope you were able to take some time for yourself to do some quilting. I had a very good da... View Post