Casino Quilt

This is the project my sister Carol and I worked on together.  I couldn't show it to you at first because it was a surprise for our sister Susan.

Quilt Photo 1

Susan  worked for Simplicity Patterns for 38 years.  When they moved the plant, she found herself without a job.  That was certainly a bump in the road but it didn't stop her.  She went back to school and is now a college graduate!   We are all very proud of her.

Carol and I wanted to make something special for her and were fortunate enough to find the perfect fabrics for this casino quilt.

Susan likes to go to the casino occasionally. Give her a seat at a penny machine and you can keep her occupied for awhile!!

I almost flipped when I saw the Jackpot fabric with the slot machines and money all over it.  It is the perfect fabric for Susan and I knew a quilt had to be made.  Finding the second fabric was absolutely a bonus.  This black fabric with white cards and dice is an extraordinary compliment to the Jackpot fabric.

Quilt Photo 2Quilt Photo 3

We also used a solid black and a white with white dots on it (the dots reminded my daughter of poker chips!!!).  We chose to make a simple pattern because two different people would be piecing the quilt top and there are always subtle differences is the way people sew.  We wanted to make sure these differences did not show in the finished project.

Quilt Photo 4

The four-patch squares are constructed from 3 inch squares (cut 3½ inches for a finished 3 inch square).  The Jackpot blocks are 6 inch squares (cut 6½ inches for a finished 6 inch square).  We decided to add the 2 inch (cut 2½ inches) sashing to brighten up the quilt.  Finally, we added a 6 inch border of the Jackpot fabric which was also used for the backing and binding of the quilt.

The entire quilt was quilted with meandering circles.

It was fun to present this quilt to our sister.  She was truly surprised and loves the quilt.

Happy Quilting,