Hospital Window Quilt

Wow!!!  This has been a whirlwind  year so far.  Last week I had further complications which landed me back in the hospital for another surgery.

I had a very nice hospital rooms go.....with lots of windows.  I'm a country girl so the view of the city was not what I'm used to!!!  One morning, at the beginning of this week, I looked out at the parking garage structure and saw an interesting pattern emerge through the opened blinds.  The pattern formed when the blinds crossed the pillars and safety cables of the levals of the parking garage.

I'm home again now.  Hopefully I will heal without further problems and will be back at my longarm machine very soon.  In the meantime, I am sketching my Parking Garage Quilt, piecing some more Quilts For Kids quilts and planning future projects.  My progress is not as rapid as I had hoped and planned but it is coming along.

I am thankful for my quilting.  It keeps me going. It makes me happy. It comforts me and I believe it is helping me through the healing process.

Happy Quilting,