Weaver's Delight

I can't stand to waste or throw anything away.  I like to find ways to use every bit of something!  Maybe that's what got me interested in quilting in the first place.  My first quilt was made with scraps of fabric from sewing projects.  When I have scraps that cannot be used for scrap quilts I use them to weave rag rugs on my weaving loom.  I also recycle  old blue jeans, clothing, chenelle bed spreads  and sheets into rugs.

My  weaving loom belonged to my mother-in-law and I have great memories of her and the crafts we were able to do together.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to acquire another weaving loom !!  I found this baby on Craig's List.  It is a Newcomb Weaver's Delight Loom.  Right now she's in a whole lot of pieces but my husband will have her up and running in no time.  I think it will be great to have the two looms set for different projects.  I can have one ready to weave rugs and the other set up to do table runners or mug rugs. 

My other loom is a two harness and this is a four harness so it will be capable to do more intricate designs.  This loom works a bit differently from the other one so it will take some getting used to but I am up for the challenge!!!

The man who sold the loom to me seemed glad that it was going to have a good home and would actually be used.  It had belonged to his mother and when she passed away, it sat idle.  He had fond memories of his mom working at the loom and said everyone in the family always had a bunch of rugs.

Whether you call it recycle, repurpose, or reuse.....I will use almost any fabric in quilts or rugs.  I feel really good about being able to create beautiful, useful items and keep a little bit out of our landfills.

Happy Quilting,