Recycle for the Birds

Last year on April second, I talked about using threads and scraps to help the birds.

I am a pretty frugal quilter and use up every bit of fabric and thread that I can.  I love to make scrap quilts and not only use my own scraps but several of my quilter friends save their scraps for me!!!

I can't stand to waste anything.  Last spring I began saving the even the tiny scraps and trimmings that I couldn't possibly use.  I put these scraps of fabric and thread in a wire suet feeder and hung it from a tree in my yard.  Every bit disappeared but I was not really sure if the birds were taking them or if they were simply blowing away in the wind.  Even so, I continued to save these tiny bits and put them in the suet feeder and hung them in a tree in my yard again this spring.

My husband and I decided we need to buy a new grill for our outdoor cooking.  He was carrying a few of my houseplants out to the deck and I thought I saw a bird fly out of the opening in the side of our old grill.  My husband opened the grill and we found this amazing nest!!! A robin built this fabulous nest filling the entire inside of the grill and laid five eggs. This fascinated me and as I looked closer I began to see some bits of the fabric and threads I put out for the birds.

This is finally proof that the birds put my scraps to good use!  I will continue to save these bits and may add an additional feeder full next spring.

We will buy our new grill and leave this nest undisturbed until the babies fly away.  I am glad this mother bird found a safe place for her babies.  It makes me happy that they will be protected from the weather, roaming cats and wild animals. 

It makes me happy that this recycling project worked.

Have a happy Mother's Day.

Happy Quilting,