This Is For The Birds

Most quilters seem to be very frugal people.  That makes sense because the whole idea of making quilts was born from recycling worn out clothing.  Reusing the usable pieces to make much needed "blankets".

Bird Feeder Basket Photo 1

Now days we often have the advantage of being able to buy fabric to make our quilts with.  We are still frugal though.  We save all of our extra, or leftover, pieces and use them to make scrap quilts. 

Even after the scrap quilts, there are small or narrow pieces left.  I can't stand to throw anything away so I use these small scraps for crazy quilts or string quilts.  Some of my quilt friends give me their scraps too!!!  I love sorting through them and using as many of these treasures as possible.  After all of this,  there are scraps too small even for me to use.  Now I don't have to throw them away!!! They can be recycled!!!

Bird Feeder Basket Photo 2

I can't remember where I first heard this neat idea, but it came back to me today when I was picking up a bag of birdseed to fill my bird feeder. 

The idea is to fill a wire bird feeder with your leftover bits of fabric and thread and hang it from a branch in early spring when birds are building their nests.  The birds will be attracted to these colorful bits and use them to help build their nests.  Viola!  Our tiniest scraps and bits of thread will be recycled and reused as nesting material in some little birdies construction project!!!

I picked up this wire feeder, which is made to serve the cakes made of suet and seed, and began filling it already.  I won't hang it outside until the birds start coming back from their winter vacation in the south but I'm going to save all of the little bits of fabric and thread in a plastic bag until then.  If this works,  I'll need to have a supply ready to be able to refill it when the birds are all shopping for their new decor!!

Bird Feeder Basket Photo 3

There are several different styles of wire feeders.  I liked this one because it has the perches that fold down on the sides.  I figure they might like a little rest and it will allow them a little leverage while pulling the pieces out.  I sure hope this works.  I love the concept.

If you really love the little feathered can feed them too...they really like peanut butter and birdseed.  Tie a string to a pine cone.  Spread the pine cone with peanut butter.  Roll the pine cone in birdseed to cover it.  Hang it from a branch where you can watch the fun!!!  After all, I'm sure they will build up an appetite while building their new home!!!

Happy Quilting,