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    Curve Master

    I am glad my daughter is such a tech savvy person.  For the last few days I was having trouble with my computer.  I couldn't get it to do what I wanted including getting online!  I have it phone call to my dear daughter and a few minutes later she had it fixed....and here I am. Yip... View Post
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    I Think I Can...I Think I Can...I Think I Can...

    If you are a parent, have a parent or know a parent, you also know that parents often wonder how much of what we say to our children actually sinks in.  Parents talk, teach, discipline, lecture and bestow many words of wisdom upon their children and hope that a portion of what they say is retain... View Post
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    Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

    WOW!! I'm not a very computer savvy person but even I can tell the difference with our new internet connection. It has taken us a few YEARS but we were finally able to get a cable internet connection. We live in a still semi-rural area and the cable came from all four directions and stopped from... View Post