Curve Master

I am glad my daughter is such a tech savvy person.  For the last few days I was having trouble with my computer.  I couldn't get it to do what I wanted including getting online!  I have it phone call to my dear daughter and a few minutes later she had it fixed....and here I am. Yippee!

I love quilts with curved pieces but have found the curves can be difficult to sew the curves by machine.  I do very little piecing by hand because it takes a long time but I find it easier to sew curves accurately by hand.  That, or I avoid them altogether!

Now I have learned that there is a special presser foot that is supposed to make sewing curves easy.  It is called a Curve Master Foot.  I'm ordering one!  I love any gadget or tool that helps make things a little easier for me.  Why didn't I know about this before the agony of the curves?

I can't wait to try it!

Happy Quilting,