I Think I Can...I Think I Can...I Think I Can...

If you are a parent, have a parent or know a parent, you also know that parents often wonder how much of what we say to our children actually sinks in.  Parents talk, teach, discipline, lecture and bestow many words of wisdom upon their children and hope that a portion of what they say is retained.  Sometimes what we taught our children, whether on purpose or incidently, comes back to us when least expected.

I owe my business name, One More Quilt (and my logo, and my website, and, and, and....) to my very technology talented daughter.  When trying to decide on the "perfect" name, she came up with One More Quilt (which I love) and went on to explain that she remembers growing up and hearing me say things like "Let me bind  'one more quilt'  and I'll take you _____",  "I'll put  'one more quilt'  on the machine then we'll _______.",  or  "I'm going to cut the pieces for  'one more quilt'  before we _______."

When this idea "popped out" of her mouth, it stuck and all was good!

Well, today something else "popped out" of her mouth and I'm afraid it may stick too.  I am not very technology minded.  My daughter has taught me alot and I try hard to improve my skills.  I try to teach my own children, and my students (both second graders and quilters) to keep trying when things are difficult.  (I even like to refer to one of my all-time favorite children's stories,  The Little Engine That Could.)  My daughter was telling me that she sometimes uses me as an example, leading her statements with "If my mom can do it, you can."  I said, "Thanks a lot" and was wondering if this was a good thing or not!! We were teasing back and forth when my daughter looked at me and said,  "It is a good thing, you're the little old lady that could!".

After getting over the fact that my loving daughter called me an old lady ..... we chuckled and reminisced about the beginning of my business and this blog.  She had faith in my computer skills before I actually had any and continues to encourage me along the way.  Thank you Susan.

We all need encouragement.  Whether it is about the computer skills you are learning, the great meal you prepared or the beautiful quilt you created.  I hope you each have someone who stands by you and encourages you to do what you love to do.  Of course, I hope you love to quilt (you had to see that coming!).

Happy Quilting,