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  • | Laurel Sons

    The International Quilt Lives!

    The International Quilt Project has been on hold for a while since this summer has been so busy.  Beside everything else that goes on during the summer, my son bought his first house and I have been helping him paint!  The million trips up and down the ladder made me aware of muscles that I had ... View Post
  • | Laurel Sons

    Trip Around the World ( or many)

    Oh my goodness. I am soooooooo excited. Many people are willing to help with my project and fabric is on its way to me from 13 countries so far. As the pieces arrive I will share pictures with you and hopefully a story or two!! I am touched by the willingness of so many people to take time out o... View Post
  • | Laurel Sons

    Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

    WOW!! I'm not a very computer savvy person but even I can tell the difference with our new internet connection. It has taken us a few YEARS but we were finally able to get a cable internet connection. We live in a still semi-rural area and the cable came from all four directions and stopped from... View Post