Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

WOW!! I'm not a very computer savvy person but even I can tell the difference with our new internet connection. It has taken us a few YEARS but we were finally able to get a cable internet connection. We live in a still semi-rural area and the cable came from all four directions and stopped from each direction before reaching our property. This situation has been most painful for the rest of my family ( I didn't know what we were missing! ) since we did not have very good luck with our satellite connection ( It knocked us off if we breathed wrong or if the weatherman voiced a mere threat of unperfect weather ).

This is so exciting because it is very discouraging to try to blog, check e-mail etc when you loose you connection every few minutes and repeatedly have to start over. I am sure this new connection will be stress free :)

I have a new endeavor!! I am attempting to collect fabric from all over the world. I soooooo love fabric and am finding out that different countries, and sometimes different parts of countries, have very different prints, patterns, weaves and styles. My challenge is that I may not simply order said fabric. I am attempting to collect it via people who travel to, visit, work in or live in the country and are willing to ship or bring the fabric to me.

I am off to a good start.......I have a piece from my nephew's trip to China, several pieces from a friend's vacation in Hawaii, a dear quilting customer brought a few from her visit to her family in Africa and a piece is on its way from New Zealand as we speak thanks to my daughter's friend. I haven't been this excited about checking the mail since I had a pen-pal ( Do any of you remember those? ) in high school. Any of you planning a trip or know someone who lives somewhere else...anywhere else??? I can hardly wait to see what comes next and of course I am in search of the perfect project to include all of my new treasures.

Happy Quilting,