Quilts Plus

Yesterday was a long and wonderful day. 

I went with my daughter and grandson to look at houses.  After house-hunting last week, she scheduled appointments to look at the houses today.  We looked at several good houses and found the perfect house which includes a huge fenced-in back yard with a park and playground very nearby.....and.....it will be available for them to move in before the new school year begins.

We stopped to eat a late lunch before the long drive home and my grandson was thrilled when he won a big stuffed animal from the claw machine at the front of the restaurant!!!

I had stuck my copy of The Quilter's Travel Companion in the back of the car "just in case" and since we were headed home a bit earlier than expected,  I looked for a quilt shop along the way.  I found a listing for Quilts Plus, 1748 East 86th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240   http://www.quiltsplus.com  and decided to stop in.   I am very glad we went to Quilts Plus and I am sure I will be making this one of my regular stops.  This delightful shop is clean, well stocked with the newest fabrics (including wool), displays many samples, is very well organized and the staff was great.  They made us feel welcome as soon as we set foot in the store.  I hate when I walk into a business and get the feeling that I am bothering the people who work there.  This was not the case at Quilts Plus, they seemed genuinely happy to tell me about the store, discuss quilt projects and let me browse.  All of the staff members whom I met were knowledgeable about the fabric and quilting.

I did find some great fabrics that I just had to bring home and add to my stash!!!

Frogs are one of my favorite things and these are two prints that were not already in my collection!

Fabric 1

The first is a cute print of different colored fish and frogs playing underwater on a white background with light blue water drops from Gone Fishing by Benartex.

Fabric 2

The second is a delightful print of frogs and lily pads on a light green background.  This is On A Whim II by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman.

Fabric 3

 The little black ants on this red fabric by Blank Quilting will be used in a table square or runner I will be making with another ant print, to be used with a centerpiece dish, that looks like a picnic tablecloth with red and white checks.

Fabric 4 and 5Fabric 6

The red licorice print and the peanut print, both from Timeless Treasures, will be used for one of my "jar quilts".  I am collecting fabrics for a bug jar quilt, a canning jar quilt (fruits and vegetables) and a candy/snack jar quilt which will now include the licorice and peanuts!!! The pumpkins and sunflowers printed in black on a brown background will spruce up any fall piece.  This is Pumpkin Hill by Thimble berries for RJR Fabrics.

Fabrics 7-12

My grandson loves these dots which are all part of Celebrate Seuss!  by Robert Kaufman so we bought some of each color.  From left to right we have white on red, dark red on red, red on white, red on blue, yellow on white and white on green.  He is going to help me decide how and where to use these wonderful dots.

Play matTrain fabricRailroad Signs fabric

This play mat was a must have! This has roads and railroad tracks through the town and will be great fun with cars and trains. This border print of train cars and white tracks on a blue background and the signs and signals printed on a red background are part of the Choo Choo You by Richard Neuman for Clothworks.  My father worked for the Rock Island Railroad and I grew up around trains.

On top of all of these great fabrics, I received the tote bag shown at the top of the page and a punch card which, when filled, will earn me $25.00 off of my purchase!!!

I am excited about my next visit to Quilts Plus and encourage you to visit them if you are ever in the Indianapolis area.

Happy Quilting,