Coffee Lover's Fabric

I am a coffee lover!!!  When I was a young child I began drinking coffee although at that time it was really milk and sugar with a little coffee in it!!!  I remember feeling very grown-up when I got to drink a cup of my special coffee as my mother and father were drinking their cups of coffee.

I also have fond memories of camping with my family,  I learned to swim, hike, fish and row a boat.  I also learned that coffee made over a campfire could cure alot of things!!!  If we were cold or our muscles ached, dad gave us a stout cup of coffee.

I have been collecting coffee related fabrics to make a fun quilt but knew something was missing.  Today, I found these two wonderful prints to complete my collection. They are exactly what I needed!!!

Coffee Fabric 1Coffee Fabric 2

The first print is a collection of coffee related words (ie. Decaf, Cappuccino, Dark roast, Espresso, Iced coffee and Latte) colorfully printed on a light tan background with a sprinkle of coffee beans called "I Love Coffee" by elizabeth's studio LLC.

The second print has bags of coffee from different countries, coffee beans, coffee scoops and cinnamon sticks printed on a solid black background.  This one is part of the TNT collection by Troy Fabrics.

Now all I have to do is choose or design the quilt pattern I'm going to use and make the quilt!!!

Happy Quilting,