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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter! I hope you has a great day and were able to do something, to make you happy. Today was a near perfect day for me! The weather is finally warm, sunny and springlike. I cooked a big dinner that everyone seemed to enjoy.  My family was able to be together. It was wonderful to have us ... View Post
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    Happy Spring

    Today was the first full day of Spring. The weather was the nicest we've had all year. Our temperature reached 61°F, the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze. It's time, once again, to give the birds a helping hand. They are coming back to the area and building nests. I saved a large jar ... View Post
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    Spring is Busting Out...

    The grass is getting greener every day.  My flowers are coming up quickly and the crocus are already blooming. The days are getting longer and news of new babies is popping up all over!!!  Every time I turn around I hear about another baby on the way.  Several teachers at school (or teachers' wi... View Post
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    Spring Cleaning

    Happy Spring!  Spring officially begins at one something Saturday but Sunday is the first full day of spring and we are supposed to be getting snow here on Sunday!!!  Oh well,  I'm just glad winter is finally over. We had a beautiful day today.  My tulips and daffodils are up four to six inches ... View Post