Spring is Busting Out...

The grass is getting greener every day.  My flowers are coming up quickly and the crocus are already blooming. The days are getting longer and news of new babies is popping up all over!!!  Every time I turn around I hear about another baby on the way.  Several teachers at school (or teachers' wives) are expecting as are relatives, friends and neighbors!!!  These things seem to go in spurts.  I haven't made a baby quilt in a while and now I'm looking at patterns for several.

I do love making baby quilts and I am especially thrilled when the child grows to be a toddler and I find out that the quilt I made has become "the beloved blankie".  The Velveteen Rabbit has long been one of my favorite stories.  Yes, I realize the quilts aren't going to come to life but I do know that a quilt that is loved, hugged and dragged about gives the owner warmth and comfort and if it gets shabby in the process, it shows how loved it is.

I'm going to have fun with the whole process.  First, I have to pick the perfect patterns ----- the ones which will become the "blankies".

Happy Quilting,