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    Through the Eyes of a Child

    One of my students recently moved here from Florida.  She had never seen snow!  It started to snow during class today.  When she first saw the snow she gasped.  Something we take for granted ( and sometimes get irritated with ) amazed and delighted her.  It's not often we get to witness such won... View Post
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    Let the Quilt Education Begin

    What an exciting day today.  I love the day we begin our reading story Luka's Quilt because it "kicks off" the quilting activities for the year.  Our Quilt Raffle project officially begins too.  The children win raffle tickets by earning an "A" on a test, completing homework assignments, doing "... View Post
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    10 More and Counting!

    It seems like once Spring Break is over, the rest of the school year zooms by.  We have only 10 days left now and soooo much still to do. This time of year is also always challenging because the weather is nice and the children would really rather be outside playing than in the classroom working... View Post
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    End of the School Year Quilt

    There are only a few weeks left of this school year. It's time to work on the Special quilt project! Besides quilting, I am a second grade teacher. Every year I make a special quilt with my class. Each of my students uses their talents to create a block using Crayola Fabric Crayons and plenty of... View Post