Through the Eyes of a Child

One of my students recently moved here from Florida.  She had never seen snow!  It started to snow during class today.  When she first saw the snow she gasped.  Something we take for granted ( and sometimes get irritated with ) amazed and delighted her.  It's not often we get to witness such wonderment.  I had the awesome opportunity of taking her outside to experience snow for the first time.  She looked at it, touched it, caught it on her tongue and made her first snowball!!!  I took pictures for her mom since it happened while she was at school.

We all made snow scenes with white chalk on construction paper and I taught the class how to make paper snowflakes while the boys and girls told her about all of the things you can do with/in the snow.  We worked on snow themed math word problems, did snowflake addition problems, wrote snow themed sentences and came up with a list of long o words and words that rhyme with snow!!!

It was a great day.  It was terrific to see this year's first snow through the eyes of a child seeing snow for the first time. 

Happy Quilting,