10 More and Counting!

It seems like once Spring Break is over, the rest of the school year zooms by.  We have only 10 days left now and soooo much still to do. This time of year is also always challenging because the weather is nice and the children would really rather be outside playing than in the classroom working.  I try to come up with some fun ideas to help keep their interest.

We will be finishing our quilt squares this week (yes, I will post pictures as soon as they are frinished)  and next weekend I will put the quilt together.  The quilt will be raffled off on Thursday, June 3.

Besides the end-of-the-year assessments, finishing the curriculum, updating all of the files and writing up book orders .....I also have to pack up my classroom for the summer so the floors can be done.

I was fairly productive this weekend too.  Saturday my husband and I went to the National Restaurant Association's  show in Chicago.  He repairs commercial cooking equipment so he attends every year for business.....I go for fun!  We walked for 6½ hours.  He  conducted business,  I ate food samples and collected goodies!!!  Both of us have tired legs and feet.  I also did some laundry, some cleaning, some yard work, some school work and some quilting.    This afternoon I got a little treat.  My sister came over to  show me what she is doing on her current quilting project.   She is truly and artist.  She had made her own original design for applique.  This is the first time she is doing applique and wanted a second opinion.  It is going to  be beautiful. She has created a design with cattails and dragonflies.  When she is finished I will quilt the quilt for her.  I plan to quilt dragonflies on the quilt.

Happy Quilting,