End of the School Year Quilt

There are only a few weeks left of this school year. It's time to work on the Special quilt project! Besides quilting, I am a second grade teacher. Every year I make a special quilt with my class. Each of my students uses their talents to create a block using Crayola Fabric Crayons and plenty of imagination. I use the blocks, add sashings and borders, and make an extraordinary quilt. On the last day of school we hold a drawing and one of my students wins the masterpiece to keep forever!!! This is the eleventh year and this project has become quite popular. Other students, staff and even parents try to sneak tickets in our jar in hopes of winning the quilt! Only my students are eligible to win. They work all year to earn tickets. Tickets are given for things such as earning an "A" on a test, doing good deeds, monthly perfect attendance etc. I do other quilt-related projects throughout the year and will Blog about them later. Right now I must go to my studio and prepare the materials I need to bring to school on Monday so the children can get started on the quilt blocks. Happy Quilting, Laurel