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International Quilt Project

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    What a long day.  We had school all day long and then an afternoon and evening full of parent/teacher conferences.  It was great meeting with all of the parents but,  I admit...I am tired. Before I get some sleep though, I wanted to show you this fabulous piece from Korea. My future daughter-in-... View Post
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    More Countries

    A friend of mine went on a fantastic trip.  She and her husband went to several different countries. They came back with fabric treats for me!!! I am very excited to be collecting a few more fabrics for my International Quilt Project.  My plan is to collect fabrics from as many countries as I ca... View Post
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    Fabrics From Around the World

    I am excited to get this project started.  This first piece was sent to me from Peurto Rico.  It is a floral print on a light blue background with blue and pink flowers with light green accents. This second piece is a beautifully embroidered piece from Mexico.  My brother and his wife brought ... View Post