More Countries

A friend of mine went on a fantastic trip.  She and her husband went to several different countries. They came back with fabric treats for me!!!

I am very excited to be collecting a few more fabrics for my International Quilt Project.  My plan is to collect fabrics from as many countries as I can and create a quilt project that will hang in my new studio.  I had planned to have it completed by now but it has taken longer to collect the fabrics and I keep stalling in the hope of getting new pieces.  Now I am glad I stalled!!!! 

Athens Greece Fabric

This beautiful piece is from Athens, Greece.  The center is cream colored with a design is gold.  Next is cream with a rust-colored metallic thread design.  Third is a beautiful orange colored fabric.  The four corners are a beautiful blue and gold sheer fabric over a kind of mesh on top of a solid piece.  This gorgeous square will certainly add  beauty to my project.

Egypt Fabric

This panel is from Egypt.  It is a remarkable piece is hand painted in bright colors.  The red, blue and yellow make the four pictures come to life.

Thank you Carrie.

I'm not sure yet exactly how this piece will be used in my quilt project.  Right now I'm thinking that the four pictures might work as the four corners of the quilt.

I am glad I started collecting for this quilt project.  It is alot of fun to see the fabrics and designs from the different countries around the world.  I have been reviewing geography and learning more about the countries the fabrics have come from.  Each of the fabrics has a story.  It is very exciting to study the countries and the fabrics.

I will continue to add to my collection for awhile longer.  There are still a few more countries I would like to collect fabric from.  This will certainly be a one-of-a-kind quilt and I want it to be just right.

Happy Quilting,