What a long day.  We had school all day long and then an afternoon and evening full of parent/teacher conferences.  It was great meeting with all of the parents but,  I admit...I am tired.

Before I get some sleep though, I wanted to show you this fabulous piece from Korea.

My future daughter-in-law knows someone who was making a trip to Korea and spoke with them about getting a piece of fabric for me to add to my international quilt project.  (Thank you Kristin)  They were kind enough to bring this beautiful piece back for me.  I don't think this picture does it justice.  This silk is a little on the shiny side so it was difficult to photograph.  I am definitely a better quilter than photographer.

Korean Fabric

The background is a medium pink.  The flower toward the top is light yellow and soft teal blue.  The flower toward the bottom is soft yellow with delicate peach accents.  The medalions and delicate floral designs make this an elegant piece.

This a wonderful addition to my collection.

Happy Quilting,