Fabrics From Around the World

I am excited to get this project started.  This first piece was sent to me from Peurto Rico.  It is a floral print on a light blue background with blue and pink flowers with light green accents.

Fabric 1

This second piece is a beautifully embroidered piece from Mexico.  My brother and his wife brought it to me from their trip there.   I am determined to use this piece while keeping the fringed edge intact.

Fabric 2

Two of the following pieces were brought to me from London, England.  A good friend went on a fabulous vacation and liked both pieces...so I got both pieces.  The one on the left is all pastel colors and the one in the middle is made of all different shades of blue.  The fabric on the right was sent to me from the UK by one of my daughter's friends.  The colors in this piece go well with the fabric from Peurto Rico!!!

Fabric 3Fabric 4Fabric 5

This little piece is from Switzerland.  My brother-in-law's grandmother did the handwork on this.  I intend to use this whole piece --- as one piece.  I'm honored to be able to add this to my quilt project.

Fabric 6

This next piece is from Sweden and was given to me by a friend who got it from one of his customers after telling her about my project!!!  The red Swedish horses are on a dark yellow background.

Fabric 7

This piece is from Canada.  It is a white background with red oak leaves and the Canadian Flag.  The red will make the quilt pop!

Fabric 8

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures.  There are more to come but you'll have to wait until next time!!!

Happy Quilting,