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Summer Break

  • | Laurel Sons

    Roses Are Red

    This summer has been especially busy.  We have been able to spend time with family, were invited to a couple of wedding showers and weddings, attended a few baby showers, completed a huge summer project for school and lots of wonderful quilting fun. The start of school is just around the corner.... View Post
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    Today was officially my first day of summer break!  Yes, the last day of school was last Friday, but Monday and Tuesday I was working at school to pack up my classroom and yesterday I attended a lengthy meeting with teachers and administration to plan for next year.  So this was really my first ... View Post
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    Traveling Teachers

    Yesterday and today I was busy at full-day workshops at school.  We have a new principal this year and we were planning for the upcoming school year.  These were very productive meetings.  It was great to do some early planning so things can be prepared and in place for the beginning of the year... View Post