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  • | Laurel Sons

    Bring Your Quilt to School Day

    I am very optimistic about this school year.  My class is very excited about quilts and quilting.  While I was teaching them about my favorite kind of sandwich (the quilt sandwich, of course!), they kept creeping closer and closer to me.  We compared types of batting.  They each got to keep piec... View Post
  • | Laurel Sons

    Freedom Quilts

    Monday was a holiday here ( AKA no school!!!) to recognize Martin Luther King's Birthday.  This is always kind of the kick-off to teaching African American History  (February is Black History Month) in school.  As you know by now, I love to sneak quilts/quilting into my second grade classroom ev... View Post
  • | Laurel Sons

    Cascade Quilting

    I hope you were able to get some Cascade Gel with bleach. This is detergent used in automatic dishwashers but we are going to use it in this quilting project!!!  I have also gathered some of my favorite large foam stamps.  There are some with a western theme to go with my grandson's cowboy bedro... View Post