Bring Your Quilt to School Day

I am very optimistic about this school year.  My class is very excited about quilts and quilting.  While I was teaching them about my favorite kind of sandwich (the quilt sandwich, of course!), they kept creeping closer and closer to me.  We compared types of batting.  They each got to keep pieces of batting (to spark quilt conversations at home) and want to learn more.

Then, when I brought out several quilts to compare,  they were all touching and cuddling them.  My dog went crazy sniffing the quilts when I took them  home but the kids were very cute! 

Then children are also interested in the quilt related books I am reading to them.  They keep asking if I have more (ooohhhhhh yaaaa --- I have more).

Today was "Bring Your Quilt to School Day".  The boys and girls brought their quilt to school (if they have one) and we did a kind of show-and-tell.  We all looked at the quilt and the owner told us what they knew about the quilt including who made it for them and the occasion they recieved it for.  Some children may bring a fleece blanket or afghan but we just turn the discussion into a lesson about the different kinds of blankets (quilts being at the top of our list of courseWink).

I already heard from one of the parents because their child came home so excited about quilts that he wanted to make one, now!!!  A quilter is born.  Laughing I love my job!

Happy Quilting,